The Netgain Partnership

Ensure the Internet creates opportunity for all

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The NetGain Partnership

The Internet has transformed how we connect and engage with the world around us, creating opportunities — and challenges — in every area of contemporary life. As often as the Internet is used to foster learning and promote justice, it’s also used to exert control and exacerbate inequality.

To address the challenges and opportunities of the Internet age, a group of major foundations has joined forces. Our goal is to strengthen digital society and advance the public interest.

This is the NetGain partnership.

In 2015, NetGain focused on strengthening the emerging field of public interest technology. Our goal was to increase the number of people around the world who are using their technological skills to advance the common good.

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A Pivotal Moment:

Developing a New Generation of Technologists for the Public Interest.

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In 2016, the NetGain partners turn to the need to protect the Internet as a public resource. In the past two decades, the openness and accessibility of the Internet unlocked new economic opportunities and created new kinds of human connection. It gave innovators the building blocks to create new public institutions like Wikipedia and companies like Google.

In 2016, NetGain asks: How can we contribute to the continued growth, health and sustainability of the public Internet?

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A pivotal moment: Developing a new generation of technologists for the public interest, which shows how to improve the quality and number of technologists working in civil society organizations and government at every level.

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